Hi! I’m Rei, thanks for stopping by. S.E.Rei Livin’ is a space to share my thoughts about life and to gather others’ opinions. The ‘S’ and ‘E’ alphabet in front of ‘Rei’ is my real name, Rei is my pen name. More about me below:

  • Philanthropist, Enthusiast, music/art/life-lover, supportive, persistence
  • More than 25 years on earth and still exploring meaning of life. Strive to define my own path and like to challenge the norm way of living. Refuse to walk this life w/ too much regrets when I’m old.
  • Not-so-much of a Millennial, finding a peaceful balance between multi-gens. Hate war-SPREAD LOVE! MAKE PEACE!

*maybe I’ll update them some time later, see you around!