Late 20s & Single, What’s Wrong?

Young generations is pushing the age of marriage into late 30s. They often commit their 20s into career, traveling, fulfillment and joy. While they are chasing after their dreams in life, another factor of settling down late is due to personal issue. Below is three major type of people that still stay single in late 20s. If you are not a joy seeker, as mentioned above, and found that it’s difficult to stay in a relationship for more than 2-years, maybe you are one of them.


  1. You are insecure.

Were you known as the “clingy girlfriend” or you were all-nervous when your boyfriend got a text from a female friend? Maybe need to do some self-check on your insecurity. Your insecurity may come from various factors, e.g bad romance experience, parent divorce, trust issue on lovers or even self low-esteem issue. Most argument with couple is due to your own insecurity. You feel worry/insecure if your boyfriend want to make life changes, such as learn riding a motorbike, start a business with female co-worker, go on a trip with his group of friend without you. You will start thinking “is he tired of being with me and want to have a break-time, or “is he interested in the female friend?” Darling! Be confident with yourself, you are in this relationship with him because he sees something great in you. Always check your insecurity and replace the thoughts with something else. Talk to your partner and find out what is the thing he like about you the most, enhance that part. Improve yourself to be a great women that he could never leave you.  (Will talk about how girls can increase their value in time)


2. You don’t need a boyfriend

I know, you can do whatever you want when you’re single, there won’t be another person to accommodate.  Just head to the cinema anytime you want to watch a love-comedy movie. Especially mature women in their late 20s, they have great earning power, they’re independent enough to take care of themselves and they’re confident in making their own decision. They have get used to all these and don’t see a guarantee returns on putting in effort to maintain an uncertain relationship. You refuse to give in time/effort maybe because you feel it is not worth to lose your freedom over it.


3. You don’t want to commit.

You want the love, the excitement, the sex and all the sweetness; you don’t want the argument, the conflicts, the incompatibility and all the changes. You want to be able to do anything you want, with anyone, of anywhere. You are tired of updating your partner that you will be meeting David at 4pm, he is a childhood friend, a close-male friend. You hate to go through the argument about another boy number on your phone (it is just a real estate agent!). Above all, you don’t want to commit in a relationship. Rather, you prefer to put the focus in something else that are more future guarantee, i.e. your career. Men thinks that once they have a stable financial status and career, girlfriends will come in loads. Very often, I laughed at this thoughts. Being rich and successful, doesn’t make you tolerable if you still douchebag, you’ll just attract insincere people if that’s what you wanted. Women, on the other hand, thinks that once they have a career and good money, they don’t need men. What about all the sick and lonely night, when you are alone in you big house and someone break into your house? Well, you can call the police.


Despite so, you still looking for the right one. Don’t give up, darling! If you willing to seek, the right people will always come into your life. Keep your eyes out and you deserve a best lover. Better be single than settled for somebody unworthy.



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