This is it! Finally I make efforts to put my little space up here. I’m Rei, twenty-seven years-old now & passionate about life. The funny thing is that I have never thought very seriously about living/about life until I have quit my full-time engineer job one and a half years ago. For the past 1.5 years, life places a lot of obstacles/choices into my face. Everyday, I rise enthusiastically, work through the day restlessly and feeling defeated before I went to bed. Well, not every time I had this lousy feeling. Sometimes, I felt like I am living in a dream as I am FREE! I gain the freedom of doing anything I wanted, NO BOSS, no reporting, NO NEED TO TRAVEL EARLY MORNING to office and being stuck in the traffic jam coming back home. (This place where I live is a capital in Southeast Asia, tell you more about it soon) 

This space is called S.E.Rei Livin’, this is my personal space. To be exact, this is my tricky mind’s little space. My mind is an active little creature, likes to think about many things (actually is a lot many things!). Most of it is about LIFE, why are people around doing something this way or that way, what it means to grow up, does it mean just surviving/does it mean YOLO (You Only Live Once), and the list goes rolling. It always bugs me with all this questions which I don’t know!

When I was 17 years old, I look at women at age 25 and thought: When I am at their age, I will have it all figure out! But I DON’T. I am at the end of my twenties and there is still so much things I haven’t got the answer. So this space is for people/girls like me, trying to figure their lives out, no matter in what aspect of life. For me, it’s always about LOVE/FAMILY/LIVING /TRAVELLING/CAREER/very minor MATERIALISM/FAMILY AGAIN…  People/women/girls who already had figure out any part of their lives and willing to share their experience, are all WELCOME! I love to hear stories about people, their life principles and their life choices. Sometimes, it’s even harder to talk to people you know about your struggles because they might judge you. Here, it’s judgement-free.

Anyway, S.E.Rei Livin’ is a space I longed for more than 10 years. I will keep this space up-to-date.

This is suppose to be a short welcome note, so I’ll just end here.


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